Brief description of the exchange

Changelly is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world founded in 2015. It has more than 1.5 million registered users worldwide and processes more than 15,000 transactions a day.

But beware, it’s not a trading platform!

You can’t trade on Changelly platform, you can only exchange. With over 90 supported currencies, it is probably the most versatile currency exchange on the market.

How Changelly works

The actual exchange is very simple. The user chooses which cryptocurrency he wants to exchange and what cryptocurrency he would like to get. Changelly searches the best rate among the cryptocurrency exchanges. The user confirms the rate, sends his coins to the address of Changelly and Changelly sends the required cryptocurrency to the user back on his personal wallet.

Changelly uses robots to exchange the desired amount on exchanges like Bittrex or Binance in a few milliseconds. This will determine the current available market price.

Supported currencies

Changelly offers more than 90 cryptocurrencies to be exchanged. You can purchase more than 35 of them just with a credit card. You can find the current overview here.

Of course there are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin and Monero. The Changelly also features lesser known cryptocurrencies such as Bytecoin, NXT or Power Ledger.

If you are not looking for specific projects that are not publicly known, you have almost a hundred percent chance of finding your cryptocurrency on Changelly.


Changelly does not charge a fixed transaction fee, but instead takes a percentage of the transaction value. The reason is the fact that sometimes the transaction fee would not be enough.

The blockchain transaction fees are constantly changing and the cryptocurrency market prices are too volatile. So, the agreed price and the actual price of the transaction could differ so much that Changelly would lose money on the transaction.

Changelly charges 0.5% of each crypto-to-crypto transaction and 5% of cryptocurrency purchases with credit and debit cards.

However, this means that the exchange itself is a little bit more expensive for the user than if he did exchange it directly on the cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or Bittrex.

So why use Changelly?

Because it’s much easier. Especially for users, for which the interfaces of classic exchanges are too complex.
Another advantage is the worldwide availability of services. Exchanges often restrict customer access from certain countries, mostly blocking US access due to different regulations. Changelly’s currency exchange is available to everyone without any restrictions.

You don’t have to open an account on Changelly

The exchange protects its users’ data in way that it does not require them in most cases. You don’t even need to register for a successful exchange.

You will be asked to verify your identity only when the system evaluates the transaction as risky – typically when hackers try to sell stolen cryptocurrencies.

The second reason to verify your identity with documents is to purchase a cryptocurrency by credit or debit card.

Exchange interface

Everybody can get used to using Changelly. The start page looks like this:

Exchange interface

1) Main menu

In the top menu you will find useful information about the exchange, affiliate program, a language switch (ENG, JPN) and user account login. You may find it useful to sign in if you plan to exchange regularly on Changelly and need to record your exchange history.

2) Cryptocurrency exchange form

Here you choose what two cryptocurrencies you want to exchange. The form will directly list the expected rate (how much you will get for your coins).

3) Purchase of cryptocurrencies by credit or debit card

To purchase using a credit or debit card, use this button to redirect you to a special form (you will need to register).

How to use the exchange

After completing the form on the home page, you will be redirected to the exchange process itself, which is divided into four steps.


First, the following table will appear in front of you:

Details of the planned transaction

1) Cryptocurrency type and how much you want to exchange
2) The number of coins you receive in the exchange
3) Estimated conversion rate
4) Transaction fee
5) Estimated duration of the transaction

STEP 2: Enter your address

After clicking ‘Next Step’, a table will appear in which you enter your personal cryptocurrency address of the coin you are about to receive. For example, if you buy Ethereum, you will enter your ETH address.

Enter your address

STEP 3: Check All Data

In the next step you will check all the entered data and confirm the transaction.

Check all data
  1. How many coins you exchange
  2. How many coins you will get
  3. Address where the coins will be deposited
  4. Exchange rate
  5. Exchange fee
  6. Blockchain fee
  7. Estimated transaction time

STEP 4: Send Coins

All we have to do now is to send the coins to be exchanged. When they arrive at to the exchange, Changelly executes the transaction and sends the desired coins to the address you provided.

Send coins
  1. The number of coins to be exchanged
  2. An address, where to send the coins
  3. Remaining time before the transaction gets invalid
  4. QR code containing the public key address where you have to send the coins to

How to get a cryptocurrency using a credit card at the exchange

Changelly accepts credit or debit cards in two currencies, in Euro and US Dollars. In exchange for a fiat currency, you can get more than 35 different cryptocurrencies and the process is simple as well.

Your credit card must have the 3D-secure feature enabled for transaction verification (by phone number), there are no other restrictions. The country of issue is not important.
By clicking the ‘Buy crypto with credit card’ button, you are only few steps away from owning a cryptocurrency.

STEP 1: Determine the Price and Address

First you have to tell the exchange what currency you want to buy. You also need to enter your destination wallet, to which will the coins be deposited to.

Enter destination adress
  1. Currency selection and amount specification
  2. Cryptocurrency address for the deposit
  3. Choice of a cryptocurrency and an estimate how many coins you will get

STEP 2: Filling in your personal information

You pay by card, so the exchange will need you to enter your personal information. Fill in everything correctly and truthfully, in the next step you will need to verify your email and phone.

Filling in your personal information
  1. Personal data
  2. Billing address

STEP 3: Email and Phone Authentication

After submitting the previous form, go to your email and click on the link there. Then return to the browser.

Email and Phone Authentication

STEP 4: Order payment

In the final step, you’ll be asked to fill in your credit card details and associated phone number. Most likely your phone will ring and you will need to fill in a number dictated by a machine or sent via SMS.

Alternatively, you can take a picture with your passport and send a photo instead of using a phone. After sending the data, the transaction is processed within 5-30 minutes.

Payment card restrictions

Changelly protects itself against malicious thieves by the initial limit (buying cryptocurrencies using stolen cards).

EU cards can spend a maximum of $100 in the first transaction. After four days, the daily limit changes to $200. Only after seven days the limit will rise to $500.

The exchange has no monthly limits, but you can’t make more than six transactions during the first week.

How long does it take to make a transaction on Changelly?

On average, the exchange processes an order between five and thirty minutes after the coins from the customer are received. Transactions may be delayed due to blockchain overload, with which Changelly can’t do anything.

The second reason for the possible delay are the updates of cryptocurrency wallets. Changelly turns off automatic transaction processing for some time and processes the stacked orders after the update.

Are there any limitations?

No. There is no minimum and maximum limit. But you should always exchange at least as much that the transaction value exceeds the fees for the transaction itself.

If you plan to exchange large amounts, Changelly recommends splitting the exchange into several smaller transactions and sending them several hours apart. This will avoid the risk of a disadvantageous exchange rate if there is a sudden drop in the market during the transaction confirmation.

Mobile application

Changelly offers an Android mobile app that is very similar to the desktop version.

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