If you are a fan of online gambling, you have certainly noticed that the number of casinos supporting deposits in bitcoin has increased rapidly past year. Why is that so? With cryptocurrency implementation, both the client and the casino gain many benefits.

Users remain anonymous compared to the standard online casino, they can withdraw profits at any time and they avoid lengthy bank transfers. For the casino, there is no obligation to verify their clients, which is normally really time-consuming and discourages many clients.

However, anonymity also has its downside. The casino operator does not have to be listed as an owner of the website and there is not yet a law that would oblige a casino to have a license.

So, what web services are covered as online gambling? Live casino with dealer, roulette, slot machines, blackjack, poker, sports betting and many more.

FortuneJack, the most popular Bitcoin casino

This casino definitely dominates all the overviews and ratings on the internet. It offers its clients over 3,000 certified games, fast and reliable 24/7 withdrawals. In addition, the casino has been licensed and has been in operation for 10 years.

They also have big bonuses for new users. FortuneJack will offer you up to double your first deposit up to 5 BTCs. How do these bonuses work? Let’s say the casino offers a 100% welcome bonus up to 1 BTC. This means that if you send 1 BTC to the casino, you will receive another BTC as a bonus. However, there is always a condition for withdrawing this reward. The most common is, that you have to spin the amount several times before withdrawing it.

You can deposit your gaming credit in up to 8 of the best-known cryptocurrencies, and if you are just about to try the casino first and you don’t want to gamble your hard-earned bitcoins, don’t worry, most games are also available in a free version.

Provably fair

You will find a label “Provably fair” on many games here. This means that if the game promises 5% win rate, you really get it. On the Internet, however, there are complaints from long-term casino players who claim that this guarantee is not valid and even players who counted cards in blackjack often could not reach meaningful numbers. This was the main reason why we did not put the test bitcoins into the first digital machine when creating the review, but we tried live roulette with the dealer instead, where we have a probable chance to win.

For the live roulette, we chose the martingale strategy, so we bet on red and if we lose, we will double the amount until we win. Unfortunately, after 30 minutes of playing, we got a series of 6 blacks in a row and we were no longer able to raise the amount.

So for the remaining funds, we bet on the combined ticket for the winner of the NBA Finals and the World Ice Hockey Champion. Yes, this is also possible on FortuneJack without any cryptocurrency transfers from one wallet to another.

To sum up my experience

The casino is very nicely designed and the selection of games is large, but if you want to earn some money, start learning trading or mine information about new ICOs.


We have not included this article in Altclub to support online gambling, but to show that there are alternative ways to get bitcoins rather than trading and long-term investments. Among the most profitable alternative ways are lending your Fiat or cryptocurrency to leverage traders, that will be discussed in the following article.

Please note that the casino does not have a license for the Czech Republic and we do not provide links for this reason.